Movie Madness: Audiovisual Materials for the Classroom and Home

Video Viewing

Safari Montage
View or download entire educational programs or clips. Some programs even include short quizes and Alabama Standards. This browsable and searchable database is housed on a Randolph server and is accessible on campus.

Have discs shipped to you or watch movies, series or documentaries instantly online.

Video Sharing

Possible uses:
  • Upload lectures and classroom demonstrations
  • Upload teacher and student created instructional videos
  • Upload performances
  • Upload visits from guest speakers with permission
  • Download and play videos in the classroom
  • Share student projects

Useful tools
Flip Camera
Video and photo editing software such as: Photostory, MovieMaker, iMovie, etc.

You can access and upload podcasts or download movies and episodes of TV shows. You can even subscribe so you will never miss your favorite soap again.

TeacherTube is essentially YouTube for education. Teachers can find videos to use of upload teacher or student created videos.
Create an account and save videos you would like to use to your "favorites folder". Search videos or browse the "channels". Flag inappropriate videos to keep the site safe.

Because anyone can upload anything to YouTube, it is important to view and bookmark the clip you wish to use show it to students. Embedding a clip in a wiki such as this can also remove periphery content that is questionable and prevent the video from being blocked for students. Also uploaded videos are accessible by anyone, so it is also important to consider who will view your videos. Another very similar search engine for finding online videos is Google Video.

InterVideo WinDVD Bookmarks:

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