What is Pageflakes?
Pageflakes is your personalized homepage on the Web. Your favorite news, weather, sports, entertainment, photos, videos, music, email and much more – all on one page that you can access from anywhere. What's more, you can collaborate on your page with your friends, or publish it to the entire world.

Educational Uses
Individual OR group/class pages (collaborative projects)
Digital storytelling: Example from Will Richardson: This page on Darfur/Sudan is built on tag feeds from YouTube for videos, Flickr for photos, the New York Times AND the Sudan Tribune for news, for what people are bookmarking, and Google Blogsearch for blogs.
Project based activities
Organizational site for students and teachers Examples from Daniel Schneider
Keep track of student blogs using the RSS feeds
Organize blogs or news feeds on a topic that you want to keep up with and read

Creating a Pageflakes Site
  1. Go to the Pageflakes homepage and register. There is also a Pageflakes for Students and Teachers
  2. Add flakes
    • Add Flake (top right button).
    • Add pages if needed
    • Move flakes from one page to another by dragging them over the tabs.
  3. Click the edit button to customize your flakeSharing:
Pageflakes has 3 levels of access: Private (individual), public (everyone), and shared (group)

Helpful Flakes (from techwithme wiki)
  • NotePad (e.g. to write small accounts, announcements, etc.)
  • Blog (small blog with basic functions: articles, commenting, formatting and picture insertion).
  • Note (Sticky messages, e.g. to be used for directions and announcements)
  • Zoho Writer Documents (Interface to Zoho, one of the better online tools).
  • Mail let's you get mail from major online provides (e.g. Google) plus your own popup.
  • Message Board (sharable).


File Management:

Pageflakes FAQ (Courtesy from FAQ/Pageflakes)