Technology Classes at Randolph

21st Century Research:

How can you navigate the web to find the information you and your students need? Find books, articles, and websites without leaving your easy chair! Using the databases at AVL, respected academic sources, and even (gasp!) Google, you will locate information on a variety of topics for classroom, professional development and personal use. Bookmark and share your favorites using Even make the research come to you using RSS feeds and Google Reader. Participants should create a Gmail account before attending the session

Movie Madness: Audiovisual Materials for the Classroom and Home

Where can you find movies to entertain, educate, and demonstrate? Learn how to find programs on Safari at school and on the world wide web at sites such as YouTube, GoogleVideo, TeacherTube, Netflix and iTunes. Also learn how to share your own videos and bookmark scenes on DVDs using your computer! Grab your laptop and some Milkduds.

Virtual Visits:

How can you bring experts, authors and cultures into your classroom for a fraction of the cost of a trip or honorarium? How can you collaborate with classes across the globe? The answer is videoconferencing! Learn what possibilities exist for the classroom and how you can communicate online for a fraction of your long-distance phone bill.