Q: What is a wiki?
A: According to dictionary.com, a wiki is a collaborative Web site set up to allow user editing and adding of content.

Q: As a teacher, how can I use a wiki in my classroom?
A: There are limitless ways to use a wiki in a classroom setting. Wiki's have been set up for all types of classes, from a 4th grade Math class to a 11th grade History class. You can post pictures and videos on the wikipage, or post homework and project assignments. You can find all different types of examples from different classes around the world at the bottom of this page. BE CREATIVE!

Q:What makes Wikispaces different?
A: wikispaces.com makes wikis easy to use for everyone, not just technical users. They provide a simple interface, a visual page editor, and a focus on community collaboration. Find out more on their brief tour.

Q: What are other teachers saying about Wikispaces?
  • "I have used countless technological tools -- but I have never found a tool so useful in the educational process." -Vicki Davis, Westwood Schools
  • "Wikispaces has been great so far. It is an amazing thing to learn through community building activities in an online environment that encourages the free exchange of ideas and emphasizes high level, clear communication and critical thinking." -David Conlay, Estancia High School
  • "There is just nothing out there that is so simple to use! [...] It's definitely the best wiki-hosting solution that we've come across, both for its simplicity and its style!" -Leigh Blackall, Blended Learning

Q: How can I get started?
A: It is VERY easy to sign up and get started. Click here for instructions on getting started

EXAMPLES OF WIKI'S FROM OTHER CLASSROOMS (these will be helpful in giving you some ideas for your own space).